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Game Insight’s mobile titles go spooky for Halloween

While plenty of mobile game developers have already updated their iOS and Android apps in celebration of Halloween, Game Insight has just released the details for their catalog-wide Halloween event, with new updates being available in games like My Clinic, Airport City, Mirrors of Albion and more. If you’re looking to make your Halloween spooky, while also keeping on the go with your friends and family, here’s a look at the free app updates you can now download to do just that.

My Clinic

In the hospital simulation game My Clinic, players are now being met with Killer Pumpkins, cases of photophobia, unhealthy pallor and more! There are three new collections to complete as players take part in this limited edition Halloween event (Little Witch, Pumpkinhead and Dracula’s Crypt collections, to be specific), along with new items to purchase in the game’s store, like Halloween Witches and a Halloween tree. My Clinic’s Halloween event will last until November 2.

Enchanted Realm

This fairytale inspired city-builder has received a mysterious new visitor, as Albert the Famous Mystic has arrived in players’ realms. Whether Albert’s intentions are for good or ill will be discovered as players interact with Enchanted Realm’s Halloween event, which also offers some themed content in the game’s store. Players can now purchase items like Lanterns, Gravestones, spooky Trees, Houses, Palaces and Shops, but only until the event ends on November 4.

Mystery Manor

Arguably Game Insight’s most popular game, the hidden object game Mystery Manor has been greeted with the arrival of a sinister necromancer that has taken up residence in the Manor’s dungeon. He’s out to raise an army of the undead, and players are challenged to stop him from taking over the Manor and the world before it’s too late.

The Tribez

The tropical, mostly peaceful life of city-building within Tribez has been disrupted by the mysterious

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